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If you are one of the thousands of DePuy hip replacement patients who have had hip replacement surgery in the past seven years, you may want to go visit the De Puy website at and follow the recommended steps:

  1. Find out from your surgeon or the hospital if De Puy metal on metal implants were placed in your hip;

  2. Ask your surgeon or your primary care physician about having your blood tested to see if you have elevations of any metals such as chromium or cobalt;

  3. If you have blood elevations or if you have had problems with persistent pain since your hip replacement surgery, you will need to discuss with your surgeon whether replacement surgery is needed.  If such surgery is needed, the surgeon might need to replace only the cup, or socket,of the ball and socket joint. 

If your original operation was before July of 2003, then you do not need to worry about this because the recalled DePuy implants were not on the market before that date.

If you do have a De Puy implant which needs to be replaced, you should talk to an attorney who can protect your rights to compensation. With replacement surgery, there are the associated risks of any operation, including infection and bleeding, plus associated lost wages, and the costs of physical therapy and medical equipment and supplies. 

You will also wish to reach maximum recovery before you resolve any claim you may have.

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