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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently issued a recall of almost 663,000 Perfect Flame gas grills being sold exclusively through Lowe’s. The grills pose fire and burn hazards because the burners can deteriorate and cause lid fires. At the time of the recall, there had been 40 reports of burner deteriorations and 23 reported lid fires. The models affected are all part of the SLG series of Perfect Flame Grills.

By August of 2009, Consumer Reports received 77 complaints of fires and 11 injuries. The CPSC said that owners of the grill should stop use immediately and contact LG Sourcing for free replacement burners as well as a new lid (if warranted).

For more information about these grills and the recall, see the February 2010 edition of Consumer Reports magazine, at page 15. See also

Consumer Reports further stated that the grill was not recalled until 14 months after it brought the potentially defective and dangerous grills to the attention of the CPSC.

The grills are made by Lucas Innovation of China, being imported by a Lowe’s company, LG Sourcing of North Wilksboroa, North Carolina. The grills were sold from September of 2005 until May of 2009.

The CPSC instructs consumers to stop using the grills and contact LG Sourcing at or call (888) 840-9590.

If you are using one of these grills, stop. This is a potentially dangerous product that can cause, at a minimum, severe property damage, and, at the worst, death from a fire.

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