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Nailguns Cause Thousands of Injuries Yearly

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CNN recently reported that the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that about 37,000 people are injured by nailguns every year. The CDC further stated that, since the early 1990’s, nailgun injuries have increased by about 200 percent.

When the CDC examined who was getting injured, it found that work-related nailgun injuries had remained stable since 1998, but consumer-related injuries had soared. The increase in these injuries was attributed in large part to the availability in the 1990’s of inexpensive pneumatic nailguns in home hardware stores. During 2001-2005 there were about 37,000 patients treated annually in emergency rooms, with 40 percent of those injuries happening to consumers. The CDC concluded that more needed to be done to make consumers aware of the dangers of using nailguns.