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Multaq™ (Dronedarone)—The “Anti-arrhythmic” Drug?


Multaq is a drug sold by Sanofi Aventis to reduce the risk of cardiovascular hospitalizations in patients with paroxysmal or Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) or Atrial Flutter type events. The list of possible adverse reactions to Multaq appears to be average in length. But there are also serious contraindications to this drug which include: “Warning Heart Failure”.

In addition, Multaq is contraindicated in patients with certain other conditions including severe hepatic impairment and may even cause liver damage, according to new findings and a warning by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Sanofi website indicated in September 2010, “You should not take MULTAQ if you have severe liver problems. Multaq can interact with other medications and herbal remedies, as well. Some other medicines if taken with Multaq can cause abnormal heart rhythms. The list is available on the Sanofi website: www.multaq.com/Consumer/Default.aspx

If Multaq, as it says on Sanofi’s website, is a medicine to lower the “chance that you would need to go to the hospital” if you were having abnormal heart rhythms or heart problems, as a patient you would have to seriously weigh the benefits of going to the hospital vs. taking a drug that even remotely might cause heart failure or polish off an already-damaged liver, or damage a liver that previously functioned just fine.

Yes, one’s doctor is their primary source of information on the appropriate medicines for a patient’s condition, but gone are the days of taking for granted a prescription’s benefits vs. risks. Now, the patient must do their homework on every prescription they receive as well. And what of patients who have no access to computers or libraries…or patient advocates?


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  1. Jon says:
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    What is missing is the risk percentage of liver damage or any damage for that matter. What are the odds of damage vs. life improvement? Please specify.

  2. Greg Webb says:
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    I have not seen any risk of liver damage published. Every medication presents a benefits v. risk analysis. Listen to your doctor, but also ask questions of him/her and do your own research. Here is the warnings link for Multaq, for your benefit:



    Greg Webb