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Washington Governor Set To Vote On Strict Bill On Child Products

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Washington’s governor, Christine Gregoire, is expected to sign a bill, called the Children’s Safe Products Act, that would give her state some of the toughest rules in the nation prohibiting toxic materials in children’s products. It is unclear, however, just how broad the measure will be. The bill addresses the use of cadmium, lead, phthalates and other various materials, which could affect items from toy robots to child safety seats. Many states are starting to take action against toxic materials in products since the federal government is not.


            Mrs. Gregoire is a Democrat seeking re-election this fall.  She has the authority to veto sections of the bill. Proponents of the bill expect her to void some of the bill’s language, order some of the state’s agencies to carry out the bill with specific exceptions or demand the Legislature make revisions before the bill becomes effective in 2009. Advocates believe the governor will veto the language that would ban some toys or safety seats with lead in unreachable areas. Lawmakers said they would be willing to make the revisions since the law would still encompass many tainted toys. If the bill passes, experts believe twenty percent of the toys sold in the state will be banned. Many people are worried this strict, broad law will “infantize” older children by not allowing them to play with toys meant for kids their age.  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/01/us/01toys.html?sq=washington%20and%20child%20products&st=nyt&scp=1&pagewanted=print