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Toyota and Honda at the Top of the Heap… for Recalls in 2012

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Despite Consumer Reports’ evaluation of Honda and Toyota as "evergreen reliability champs," and J.D. Power’s assessment in their 2013 Vehicle Dependability Study ranking Honda and Toyota above all others, Honda and Toyota also rank highest in the number of vehicles recalled for 2012. Both manufacturers, Honda and Toyota, experienced some of the "largest, and highest-profile" safety recalls in 2012.

Toyota announced recalls of 5,330,643 vehicles and Honda, 3,363,343. General Motors was on the lower side with 1,476,319 vehicles recalled, along with Ford, at 1,398,837 vehicles in 2012. (The Washington Post, 2/18/13) Incredibly, there were "more vehicles recalled in 2012 than new vehicles sold" or approximately 16.2 million vehicles recalled. That should apply a major shockwave to the manufacturers’ and dealers’ bottom lines—yet, the total for 2012 is still less than the total number of recalls in 2004, 30.8 million vehicles.

Perhaps there is a silver lining: The latest J.D. Power Dependability Study (going back three years) "showed problems per 100 vehicles declining to a record low". The Washington Post, 2/18/13