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Subaru Recalls 630,000 Vehicles for a Potential Fire Hazard

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Subaru has announced that the company will recall 633,842 vehicles to check a fuse in a puddle light that could short-circuit and cause a fire.

What’s a puddle light and where is it located on the vehicle? It’s something that at least 54,000 vehicles were equipped with: a small accessory lamp found under the side of the vehicle. Apparently when road salt, which holds water, gets in the lamp housing, it can short-circuit the circuit board of the lamp. No incidents have yet been reported, but there have been several reports of smoke in the puddle lamp.

Subaru dealers are to install a different, smaller fuse which should resolve the problem, and owners need to contact their dealers who will repair the problem. Subaru is had a very successful end-of-year, racking up sales of 336,000 vehicles.

For more information on automobile recalls, visit: http://www.nhtsa.gov