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Nissan Recalling 204,361 Vehicles From 2007-2008 Model Years

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Beginning November 3, 204,361 vehicles from Nissan Motor Company Limited’s 2007 to 2008 model years are being recalled in the United States due to the possibility that the passenger-side airbag could fail to deploy properly if an accident occurred. In a message to the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the company said the recall covers the 2007 and 2008 Altima, 350Z, Murano and Rogue. It also extends to the G37 Coupe, G35 Sedan and EX35 manufactured from March 12, 2007 to May 27, 2008.

Nissan said it began investigating the issue in late 2007 after many consumers complained of airbag warning lamps flashing. In September of this year, Nissan decided a safety-related defect existed, resulting in a recall. In some cases, the passenger’s side airbag could fail to receive a proper signal leading a supplemental airbag warning light to flash, illuminating a status light to warn the driver that it is not working correctly. Though Nissan believes the defect to only be in one percent of the actual vehicles, it plans to test all of the vehicles involved and replace the hardware if necessary.