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More GM Ignition Switch Recalls – 8.2 Million More Defective Cars


For GM, the list of ignition switch recalls has grown to 29 million – yes, 29 million, this year.  Where will it end you ask?  We keep thinking it has ended, but GM keeps unwinding the recall machine incrementally, perhaps hoping that no one will notice, or perhaps because it cannot possibly manage the logistics of repairing that many cars in one condensed period of time.  It looks like GM would know which cars had the faulty ignition switches by doing some basic database reviews at its corporate headquarters in Detroit, and just warn people to be careful until it can make repairs to one’s defective car.

Today, GM recalled another 8.2 million vehicles.  The recent list includes:  the Chevrolet Malibu from 1997 to 2005, the Pontiac Grand Prix from 2004 to 2008, and the 2003-2014 Cadillac CTS.  These latter vehicles are being recalled for “unintended ignition key rotation”.  (ABCNews.com, 06-30-14)  Apparently, GM recently just figured out these cars had the defective ignition switches.

GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, states that new recalls will be made as soon as the problems come to its attention.  We will all hold our collective breath on that pronouncement.

GM has a lot of problems these days.  It is being investigated by the Justice Department and Congress.  The Congressional “investigation” will likely just result in political grandstanding by politicians, who will end up doing zero about a root cause of the problem:  ineffective and poorly enforced regulations that carry no teeth when punishment is meted out.  Perhaps, with today’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case (corporations are people too, with religious rights), then maybe Congress can now legislate that corporations can go to jail, or go on probation.   (Note sarcasm).

Regardless of GM’s alleged criminal conduct, it has some real problems with defective and dangerous cars right now.  But it is not alone.  The auto industry has recalled 40 million cars to date this year cumulatively – the most since 2004 when 30.8 million cars were recalled.  (ABCNews.com, 06-30-14)   Hopefully, the buying public is not becoming numb to these astounding numbers, which simply should not happen if proper engineering and safety controls are implemented and observed in the design, manufacture and distribution phases.  Defects like the GM ignition switch can and should be designed out, and if the defect cannot be reasonably eliminated, then the public should be warned of the defect – before injury or death occurs.  GM is about a decade or more late on many of these cars, to no one’s surprise.



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  1. Mary Boytz says:
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    I have a 2012 Chevy Captiva, Once a month for 4 months this car has not turned over. Put key in ignition and car will not start, can’t get key out of ignition when this happens. Have had to jump the battery each time (33000 miles on car) to get the keys to unlock and then I can start car. Dealer checks battery and can’t find anything wrong. After reading the recall parts and the symptoms I believe it is the ignition switch. My car is not on the recall list, how do I get this problem fixed? Dealer refuses to acknowledge a problem, I believe a 2 year old car with 33000 miles should not need to be jumped once a month to get it to run. Thank you