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Maclaren Failed to Report Finger-Chopping Danger

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Maclaren recently recalled strollers made as far back as 1999 because the stroller hinge can cause a child’s finger to be amputated when placed in the hinge upon opening or closing the stroller. Twelve children have had their fingers amputated! The New York Post reported that Maclaren knew about the defect as early as 2004, when the first finger amputation was reported.

Maclaren now faces fines up to one million dollars for failing to report the problem to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Companies are required to report dangers to the CPSC immediately. The fact that Maclaren failed to do so is absurd! Twelve children have lost their fingers–that’s ridiculous! Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the recall and Maclaren needs to be held accountable for their lack of responsibility!