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Johnson & Johnson Has Another Problem – Infant Tylenol Recalled

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A new bottle designed for Infant Tylenol is causing dosing difficulties for parents. 574,000 Bottles of grape-flavored, liquid Tylenol recommended for infants younger than 2 years old have been recalled by Johnson & Johnson due to a problem with the new bottle design and the bottle’s cap, ironically designed to ensure accurate dosing. However, the new bottle design interferes with parents and caregivers accessing the proper dosage for the infant. More than 15 complaints have been received by the company from parents and caregivers. Children’s Tylenol for children 2 years of age and older is not affected by this recall.

According to a report by Reuters of February 17, Johnson & Johnson says, “The recall is from stores and wholesalers; consumers can still use the product provided that the protective cover at the top of the bottle remains in place.” [1][1]

For the moment, no date has been set for the product’s return to the marketplace. J&J is looking at possibly redesigning the over-the-counter medicine’s bottle. The Reuters article notes that this is only one in a series of recent recalls of Johnson & Johnson products, including the DePuy hip implant device.

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