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Holiday Toy Dangers

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WPTV recently reported that hazardous toys are lurking on store shelves this holiday season. Despite increased safety standards and recalls, the Public Interest Research Group found sixteen dangerous toys during this year’s annual Trouble in Toyland survey. The top concern is toys with magnets or small parts. Magnets can easily break off and, along with small parts, can be choked on. Choking is the most common cause of death from toys and took 196 children last year. Choking is one of the three main hazards the PIRG searched for, along with toys that are too loud, posing a risk of hearing damage, and toys that contain dangerous levels of lead, which can cause brain damage if ingested, or phthalates, a substance in plastic that can case developmental problems. With all the potential risks toys may hold, parents and loved ones may wonder which toys are safe to purchase for children this winter. While shopping, a list of risky toys can be accessed from smart phones at this address: http://www.toysafety.mobi/. Be sure to use this resource and keep your children safe!