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Has Your Children's Tylenol Been Recalled? How Do You Safely Dispose of It?

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An expert recently explained on CNN.com that although the risk of a serious side effect from the recalled Children’s Tylenol is very low, the product should no longer be used. To determine whether your Tylenol has been recalled, visit the McNeil product recall site at: www.mcneilproductrecall.com/. Some of the Tylenol could be contaminated with bacteria or contain too-high levels of the active ingredient, acetaminophen.

If your product has been recalled, you can receive a coupon or reimbursement. To dispose of your recalled Children’s Tylenol, pour the product into kitty litter, coffee grounds, or another absorbent material and seal in a plastic bag. Until the company puts Children’s Tylenol back on the shelves, use another brand of acetaminophen, such as the generic brand. For more information on disposal of medicine, visit the following link: www.smarxtdisposal.net/