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GM Ignition Defect New Problem: Feds Investigating Late Recall & Notice

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General Motors (GM) may be up to its eyeballs in trouble over its Cobalt, G5, and now Saturn Ion, Chevy HHR, and Pontiac Solstice (the recent expansion of the recall), ignition switch defect fiasco.  Federal regulations require an auto manufacturer to notify NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) of a safety-related defect within 5 business days, under the National Traffic and Motor Safety Act.   If allegations are true that GM knew of this fatal flaw in its cars at least 10 years ago, then GM has some explaining to do, not only to the federal government, but in civil litigation ongoing and expected.

There are now 13 deaths attributed to this defect, and 33 crashes.  Nearly eight of the deaths were reportedly from the Cobalt, or almost identical G5.

NHTSA has urged drivers to use only the key in the ignition switch, with nothing attached to it – e.g., a key ring (often given out by the dealerships).  GM is working on a schedule to notify owners, and also obtaining the parts to conduct the repairs.

For more detailed information on the recall, visit NHTSA‘s website.

Unfortunately, this shows an ugly, profit over safety side of the auto industry.  It is not the first time either.  Hopefully, this problem gets fixed very soon.