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BMW Recalls 15,523 Motorcycles

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BMW has recalled 15,532 motorcycles from its K 1200 and R 1200 series due to a flaw in the routing of the brake lines. The defect can be "exacerbated during riding," causing the brake line to split and leak fluid and potentially causing the front-wheel brakes to fail. The motorcycles recalled were made in the years 2007 through 2009. A BMW spokesperson has stated that the rear brakes are capable of slowing and stopping a motorcycle should the front brakes fail. (Personally, I would rather have both brakes on a motorcycle for handling, control, stopping, and emergency braking – they make two brakes for a reason).

BMW also recalled R 1200 series GS Adventure motorcycles for model years 2005 through 2007 for fuel tank bolts that may come loose.

This potential defect is safety-related. If you own one of these motorcycles, please take it in for the recall work as soon as possible.