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A Delayed Response to Off-Road Dangers

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The Associated Press reports that the government is finally taking action in regulating the use of dangerous off-road recreational vehicles, known as ROVs or side-by-sides. The vehicles have a roll cage and look like a mix between a golf cart and a mini Jeep. Despite the roll cage and seatbelts, ROVs have been the cause of 116 deaths since 2003 and over 150 injuries! Talk about dangerous!

Regardless of the clear proof in numbers, ROV makers will not admit that the vehicles are unsafe, blaming the deaths and injuries on improper use. There are currently no restrictions for the use of side-by-sides, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission has voted to create rules. Thank goodness someone is finally taking initiative to protect our safety! For those who own ROVs, look for the upcoming regulations. Use caution and think about the potential outcomes before purchasing or using these products!