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Greg Webb

Contaminated Intravenous (IV) Supplement Raises Awareness of Best Practices in Packaging

On March 30, 2011, it was reported that 19 patients in Alabama hospitals had become infected with bacteria called Serratia marcescens, supposedly conveyed to them through contaminated intravenous…

Greg Webb

Judge Allows Trial To Commence In KBR Convoy Case

A federal judge has recently decided that most of the lawsuits claiming Houston-based KBR should have stopped a deadly 2004 supply truck convoy in Iraq, which killed six civilian drivers and…

Greg Webb

West Virginia Coal Mining Company Cavalier About Safety

Last Monday, twenty-five miners perished at the Massey Energy coal mine. As more details begin to surface about the sorted safety history at the mine, there are also concerns being raised…

Greg Webb

$11 Million Lawsuit For Va Tech Massacre Families

Circuit Court Judge Theodore J. Markow has approved an $11 million state settlement with families of nearly all of the victims in the Virginia Tech massacre. The families of twenty-four of the…

Greg Webb

Former KBR Employees Looking For Day In Court

The claims of civilian truck drivers injured or killed in Iraq may finally receive a thorough hearing in court. The drivers at the center of the issue have filed a lawsuit against former employer,…

Greg Webb

Virginia Legislators To Decide Whether Cap On Negligence Payment Should Be Increased

Several Virginia legislators are deciding whether the limits on the state‚Äôs liability should be increased after the Virginia Tech shootings last April. The $100,000 limit on tort claims against the…