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Greg Webb

Nursing Homes Hiding The Keys to the Courthouse With Arbitration Clauses

One of the more vulnerable times in our lives is when we, or a loved one, enter a nursing home. It is a time of high emotions and typically involves some precipitating event. In the middle of this stressful time […]

Greg Webb

Elder Abuse: When the Unthinkable Happens To a Loved One

The idea of abuse at a nursing home or other facility for the aging and affirm is always shocking, no matter how many times we hear about it. We expect those who choose a career in the ‘helping’ profession to […]

Greg Webb

Throwing Grandma Under the Bus – No Nursing Home Watchdogs in Texas?

According to an article by the Associated Press and posted in The Houston Chronicle’s online version recently, the economy (vis a vis budget cuts to government nursing home enforcement…

Greg Webb

Deficit Reduction Plan Would Impose Penalties on Nursing Homes

The recent Forbes article entitled Obama cracks down on nursing home quality,says changes to Medicare put forth by the administration’s deficit reduction plan may impose cuts in funding to…

Greg Webb

94% Of Nursing Homes Accused of Violations

Last year, more than ninety percent of nursing homes in the United States were cited for violations of federal safety and health standards; seventeen percent of these caused actual harm or immediate…