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Greg Webb

The Dangers of Amateur Drone Usage: British Plane Struck by Drone

No one was hurt. The plane was undamaged and after being cleared was able to continue its flight. It could have been a major accident. A British Airways flight coming in for a landing at Heathrow Airport last week was […]

Greg Webb

Back to School With Some School Bus Safety Tips

As the school year begins again, the American School Bus Council (ASBC) wants to draw parents’ attention to school bus safety. As the voice for the school bus industry, ASBC believes school…

Greg Webb

D.C. Metro Crash- Both Human and Mechanical Error

Investigations will soon be underway regarding the Washington D.C. Metro’s Red Line crash that killed nine people and injured dozens. Early indications have suggested a computer system…

Greg Webb

Supreme Court OKs Claim For Punitive Damages In Tugboat Case

In a recent 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Edgar Townshend, a tugboat crewmember who injured his arm and shoulder when he slipped and fell on the boat’s steel deck. His…

Greg Webb

Safety Groups Push For New Safety Rules for Bus Travel

In a charter bus accident last year, known to authorities as Mexican Hat, nine people were killed and forty three more were injured after the vehicle slipped off of the road at a curve, dropped off…